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Current DSL In early 2006, there were growing concerns about below par broadband in New Zealand. On the whole, Telecom's upstream speeds (128 kbit/s) and data caps had resulted in New Zealand's internet connections being ranked amongst the worst in the OECD. Competitors were making some changes such as offering higher data caps (XTRA's data caps averaged from 1 to 10 gigabytes of data per month, while competitors such as ihug offered 40 and 60 GB options, or xnet who offered free national data on their ADSL plans.) In mid 2006, Telecom still had control over the network including speeds and how much data they supplied each "UBS" customer ทดสอบความเร็วเน็ต Amidst growing pressure from the government, Telecom boosted downloads to 3.5 Mbit/s and uploads to 512 kbit/s (at high costs such as $20/mth more just for increased upload speeds). Competitors and customers reported slower than expected speeds, with one ISP director criticizing Telecom's backhaul network. The new plans were also criticised for reducing the data caps on downloads. ตรวจความเร็วเน็ต ทดสอบความเร็วเน็ต เช็คความเร็วเน็ต ทดสอบความเร็ว The government has now mandated local loop unbundling, which allows other ISPs to setup their own infrastructure and services, using only Telecom's existing copper wiring and exchanges. Several countries do similarly to compete more effectively with the incumbent's offerings. They also mandated Naked DSL, and unconstrained UBS (which may see rapid changes in ISP offerings). The Telecommunications Minister, David Cunliffe, expected that the market would feel the effects from 2007-2009, with policy to be enacted commencing at the Budget in May 2006. As a part of the policy, the Government will additionally take steps to encourage private sector investment in improving rural telecommunications services, and will take steps to further open up the marketplace to alternative delivery media, such as fibre optics, cable and satellite. เช็คความเร็วเน็ต On the 26th of October Telecom "unleashed" the download speeds on their network, meaning download speeds went as fast as the lines could go. Additionally, there was also an unlimited download plan, which was also uncapped, however 128kb upload, and a fair usage policy which is put in place to temporarily limit the speeds for customers who have high usage or make use of peer-to-peer connections - basically limiting a so-called "unlimited" plan. This plan only lasted for a few months until it became clear that telecom were restricting all kinds of traffic (not just peer-to-peer) during all times of the day (instead of just the 8 peak hours per day they said they were going to). Because of this, all the subscribers on the so-called "Go Large" plan were given a refund for up to 2 months worth of service, and the plan is now no longer available to new subscribers. Except for Telecom Retail DSL, Orcon and Ihug, none of the other providers have chosen to offer plans with no caps.
Bandwidth Meter Speed test